Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why I March - Part 1

Everyone has a cause. Some have many. In case you haven't guessed mine is education. I believe in quality public education for ALL children - yours, mine and ones who I will never meet. Whether you choose to send your child to public or private school is your choice and I respect all your reasons for doing so. However, public education is one of the things that has made this country great. If we deny a quality education to others, for whatever economic or political reasons, we will hurt our own chances of a great future and a future for our children. Upset that the 7-11 clerk can't make the proper change? Imagine our future when most of the available workforce is uneducated?

I post many links to articles about education issues. I hope that you have read a few. I have spent most of my adult life apolitical but I feel I cannot remain quiet and passive. I am watching our education system go down the drain in the name of "reform". Many people are using their money power to influence policies that I believe will damage our system. Will it be permanent, I hope not. But for the children who are in school today, tomorrow and next year, there are no second chances to get it right.

You may not agree with my position. I respect that. But please don't let your disagreement be out of ignorance or complacency. Read and watch. Issues like high stakes testing, merit pay, and charter schools all sound good on the surface. What sane person can disagree with slogans like "No Child Left Behind", "Race to the Top", "Teach for America", "Students First"...etc? Seriously would you name your reform - "Slash State Budgets By Using Only New Teachers"? Read up and be informed. If you want to know more, and don't know where to look - ask. I will be happy to direct you to information on BOTH sides of the issues. But please don't be apathetic. Many bad things happen when people are not paying attention. Schools need improvement, this is true. Change takes time. Don't be fooled by reforms that promise miracles.

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